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About Us

Accurate, Efficient and Affordable

Our mission at Taurus Geomatics is simple: to provide high-quality, affordable land surveying services for our local clients. With over six years of experience in cadastral, oil & gas, and construction surveying, we are ready to meet whatever your needs may be.

Saskatchewan Land Surveyor (IRON PIN)
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What is a Land Surveyor?

What do we do?

The first goal of any Land Surveyor is to protect the interests of the public. We serve you by preserving the cadastral fabric that lies beneath our feet. What do we do? Well, our duty is to confirm and establish boundaries as dictated primarily by physical monumentation. Think of us as part mathematician, part historian and part archeologist! If you think you might require a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor's services, please feel free to contact us!

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Astonomical Clock

Why Taurus?

Before the days of GPS, surveyors of a by-gone era relied on the stars to establish their position. Taurus, the bull, was one of the many constellations utilized. Therefore, Taurus is an ode to the past. However, Taurus also acts as an ode to our present clients who depend on the agricultural industry.

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